IFAT Eurasia

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IFAT Eurasia Fair is organised between 16-18 April in Ankara. It proved that it will be one of the most important platforms in environment sector at Eurasia area even in its first year.
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Coming 10 Years will be ATY Facilities'

Osman Boz
Waste Management Specialist

We know the waste sector's yesterday, which we know each other by our names and we are a handful of people yet, and we live its today already... click for details

We can Succeed All Together

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Factory Controller based upon Objects' Internet (Iot) Technology for Prudential Factories by Mitsubishi Electric... click for details

German Waste Water Technical Association's services about ATV (DWA), Water Economy, Waste Water Removal and Waste

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Samsunlu
ITU Construction Department Environment Engineering Department Professor (E)
44. Government Minister of Public Works and Housing
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"Purification Sector Needs an Association"

H. Erkin Azman
Makro Environment Protection
Project Manager
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Berdan Drinking Water Purification Plant

Berdan Drinking Water Purification Plant met Mersin City center?s water need. It has 390.000 m³/day drinking water purification capacity.
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WILO, Makes Costs Minimum with New Generation Diver Mixer Technology

At committed calculations the biggest expense items at an purification plant, is running and maintenance costs rather than first investment.
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Ministry of environment and urban planning undersecretary Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk: "Goal is 0 Waste"

We got informations from ministry of environment and urban planning undersecretary Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk about ministry?s studies increased the monitoring activities about air, water and waste in the final period. click for details

Lowara Pump and Hydrophore Systems for High Buildings

High buildings, high cost investments and everything must be excellent at this huge investments. Especially it is vitally important to processing flawlessly and planning; heating, cooling, clean water, waste water and fire equipment. click for details

VAUGHAN Unobstructing Guaranteed Mud Pomps

Vaughan Unobstracting Guaranteed Mud Pomps, creates distinction at waste water purification and solid waste disposal plants. click for details


Brisa makes big effort for getting under control, decreasing and preventing at its source environmental effects that arised from its activities. click for details

Automatisation Solutions for Water Technology

Festo Inc.
It requires a lot of energy and it is a really hard task: most of the power that supplied to waste water purification facilities goes to pumping station.
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My Diploma Thesis Study and Effect of Eustacy to Future Cities

In my previous article on past month's issue, I stated that I will present the thesis study subjects, which I have prepared until today, to your assessment. click for details

Sisdoz Inc., Continues to Its Disinfection Projects!

Sisdoz Inc. give service with its world's leading brands on disinfection area. It put signature to projects that can be accepted as reference in Turkey and abroad. click for details

Hannover Messe, Focuses on Full Integrated Industrial Discipline

Every year in Hannover, Germany world's leading industrial technology fair Hannover Messe's Turkey Press conference, is actualised on 13 January at Istanbul Park Bosphorus Hotel. Hannover Messe senior vice president Marc Siemering and Fair Turkey General Manager Alexander Küehnel attended to this meeting and informations given about the fair.
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ME96SS Electronic Multiple Measuring Device by Mitsubishi Electric

ME96NSR measures and monitorizes all important values of undervoltage/medium voltage distribution systems'. With optional attachable modules, far G/Ç and open network intercommunication features can be added. Far G/Ç, can be used to monitor MCCB or ACB condition or as energy counter. It provides full integration to CC-Link and Modbus network and with this way, with a PLC it is being possible to do energy saving and to control its optimisation.
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In a Department, which is Newly Established , Challenges that I Have Faced on My Associate Professorship and Professoriate Thesis

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Samsunlu
ITU Construction Faculty Environment Engineering Department Lecturer
Old Minister of public works and housing
In my previous article (on previous month's magazine), I told how painful was the academical improvements of lecturers' and in which difficult conditions the Environment Engineering Department has improved, which I established it within Ege University.
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What is smart grid? How does it work?

Fırat Turan
Energy and Process Automatisation Manager, Wago Turkey

Smart grid, is monitoring and controlling grid circuits with the aim of providing the communication between producer and consumer in fastest and easisest way. During this process, it is important to optimising and distributing electric in a reliable way.
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Festo's MST Education Program Certificate Ceremony is Realised

Mechatronics System Technic (MST) Education Program's certificate ceremony is organised by the collaboration of Festo's Germany Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Trade, TEGEV and CbyT. It is actualised on 18 December 2014.
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IFAT Eurosia Exposition's Participants Came Together in Istanbul

Before IFAT Eurosia 2015 Environment Technologies Specialized Fair, which will be actualised between 16-18 April dates in Ankara, exhibition's participants came together at a meeting in İstanbul.
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Mas Pump Products are Used also in Presidency Palace

In Presidency Palace Mas Group products are used. Its building was started in 2012 in Ankara Ataturk Forest Farm and it was completed in 2014. It is used as official residence by Presidency.
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Support to Turkey-Japan Business Forum by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric, supported "Turkey-Japan Business Forum" on behalf of diplomatic relations' 90. year between Japan and Republic of Turkey as being sponsor. click for details

LOWARA Told "Smart Solutions for Water and Energy" in ANKARA

Lowara Pump and Hydrophore Systems Turkey Distributor Ilpa Water Technologies hosted "Smart Solutions for Water and Energy: LOWARA" with the contributions of Lowara Ankara Dealer Omni Energy Systems on 24 November 2014 at Wyndham Hotel Ankara.
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ISO 14. Environment and Energy Prizes are Given to Their Owners

Prizes are given to their owners with the participation of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce's (ISO) "14. Environment and Energy Prizes", Environment and Town Planning Ministry Undersecretary Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk, ISO Board Chairman Member and Environment & Energy Chairperson M. Ata Ceylan.
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AKUATİK Won 2. TURMEPA Sabri Ülker Environment Prize

TURMEPA Sabri Ülker Environment Prize, this year given to a project, which aims preventing unbalanced watering, that is one of Turkey?s and especially Southeast Anatolia's important problems. click for details

Signal of Growth and Trust to Turkey Market by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric more than 120 000 employee and active in 42 countries, and has consolidated net sales over 37 billion dollars. It celebrated coming to Turkey. click for details

EUROPOMP and SME Comission Visited Standard Pump

EUROPUMP (Europe Pump Manufacturers Association) and SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprizes) Commission, came together in İstanbul between 16-17 October 2014 dates hosted by Turkish Pump and Valve Industrialists Association (POMSAD). click for details

PAKPEN, Came Together with Installment Masters in Adana

Pakpen, actualized the 27. Seminars oriented to Installment Masters which is organised all across around Turkey in Adana Anemon Hotel. click for details

UF and MBR Technologies were the Subject in Waste Water Purification Applications

"UF and MBR Technologies Seminar at 1. Universal and Industrial Waste Water Purification Apllications" actualized at Cevahir Hotel Istanbul Asia between 20-12 November dates, which is organized by BYchim Chemistry and Koch Membrane Systems firm. click for details

Turkish Shipowners Association Extraordinary Met up

This year Turkish Shipowners Association celebrates its 75. Year, and it made Extraordinary Annual Meeting charter for actualizing charter modifications. click for details

Standart Pomp, met with important representatives of Turkish industry

Standart Pomp, prepared a weekend programme to host Turkish industry's important representatives in İstanbul. The attendees coming from Adana, Batman and Gaziantep got training about technical and corporate promotional issues and also enjoyed İstanbul with a programme which contains cultural richness.
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Deniz Engineering, being incorporated

This year Deniz Engineering celebrates 26. Establishment year. It is being incorporated through the institutionalization aims and expanding volume.
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Asyaport, preferrred Mas Pomp

Turkey's biggest container management Asyaport, which is established on 320 thousand square meters, preferred Mas Pomp.
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ABB Low Voltage products, continues to its 2014 seminar programme

ABB Low Voltage products part, continues its seminar programme in Şanlıurfa Nevali Otel on 18 September, Thursday.
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Mitsubishi Electric grows fastly also in Turkey

Around the World, it is active in 42 countries with more than 120 thousand workers, it has consolidated net sale more than 37 billion dollar and it is growing fastly in Turkey, which seemed to be a preferential market to Mitsubishi. click for details

Internet Based Seminar by Bentley Institute

Internet based "Water and Waste Water Infrastuctures' Uninterrupted Design and Management" seminar will be organized by Bentley Institute at 10 June Tuesday. click for details

Mitsubishi Electric Supported İTÜRO

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, supported İTÜ Robot Olympiads- İTÜRO as being "Golden Sponsor". This year the eighth of the Olympiad will be actualized. In this way, İTÜRO's international characteristic is emphasized one more time. click for details

KSB is Welcomed with Interest at CATEF Exhibition

KSB attracted attention at Water Technologies Exhibition and Forum (CATEF 2014), which is organised second time by Azerbaijan State Hydraulic Administration between 10-12 April 2014. click for details

They will Enter to REW Exhibition with Trash

At solid waste, waste water, waste gas and green energy areas; REW 2014 İstanbul's visitors will do the honours to the newest product, technology and applications of 2014, and they will bringc"trash" with them instead of ticket or invitation for entering the exhibition. click for details

Change of Duty at İSKİ

From now on Dr. Dursun Atilla Altay is at the head ofiice of İSKİ, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Demir was at the head office since 4 January 2010, and by 20 May 2014, he transferred his job to Dr. Dursun Atilla Altay. click for details

IZSU Çiğli Mud Drying Facility is opened, which is Established by REDCO

Redco Proses Engineering , with its team, who are specialized in waste water purifying sector;, established with the aim of providing solutions in mud removal process, mud drying and burning technologies subjects equipment and system solutions in 2012. click for details

WIN Automation, was attraction center for Business Contacts

This year 21. of WIN Automation show is organized between 19-22 March 2014 in Tüyap fair and congress center. It brought together the decision makers of the sector. click for details

Wilo's aim is 100% customer satisfaction in 2014

Wilo's all authorized services got together at Target Share Meeting, which is organized in Marriott Asia Hotel İstanbul at 25 January 2014. click for details

Interactive Trends from KSB

KSB, with its interactive studies, in the light of technology , it gains a very different dimension to its educations. click for details

Base is Laid for Melen Barrage

The base is Laid for the biggest domestic water barrage of the World, which will double İstanbul?s water source. click for details

Grundfos was at 5. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition

Grundfos showed its given value to the importance of energy efficiency with its leading product and solutions. It attended to 5. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition on 8-11 January of 2014.
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Waste Waters are not Waste Any More

Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Water Management General Directorate, has started to a work for reutilise the waste waters especially in summers (because of lack of water).
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Wilo, Speeded Up its Education Studies

In 2014, Wilo determined its route as "future" and it is speeding up its education studies. click for details

ISG Special Section at REW Istanbul

In Turkey on average, in a day 172 work accident occurs, in that accidents 4 workers loose their life and 6 workers become not able to work any more.
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7. National Hydraulic Pneumatics Congress will be Organized at 22-25 October in Istanbul

7. National Hydraulic Pneumatics Congress and Exhibition?s press publicity meeting is carried out at 25 January Saturday at TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. click for details

Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Invested 65 Billions in 11 Years

Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, arranged a press conference and gave information about ministry's studies. click for details

Istanbul will not be in a Condition of Lack of Water

Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu and İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş arranged a common press conference and they gave the message that they will not let the people, who live in Istanbul, without water. click for details

İstanbul İnternational Water Forum, will be Arranged Third Time

This year the third of İstanbul İnternational Water Forum will be arranged on 27-29 May 2014 by Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. click for details

Anatolia Flygt, began to the sales of SPM Package Pump Stations?

Anatolia Flygt continues to its studies with Xylem Water Solutions company, which provides global water technology provider. Anatolia Flygt started to sale its new product SPM Package Pump Stations. click for details

Grundfos Academy, Continues to its Trainings

On 12 October 2009, Grundfos Academy broke new ground in pump sector, and it opened doors to its consumers. In Grundfos Academy, until today it provided trainings on pumps and pump systems to approximately above 3000 technician, engineer and student. click for details